Hard Drive Library – Love Songs Are Bad Songs

The Hamburg-based duo of Hard Drive Library consists of John and Steffen, who crossed paths as teenagers, sharing not only a deep passion for mopeds, but also the same taste of odd types of music. The pair are constantly on the hunt for new inspirations, artsy stuff, love and digging deeply for unheard combinations of house, disco, soul and everything in between. Carrying emotions through a dance floor orientated sound which is based on straight 4/4 beats powered by the love for saturation, samples and soul. So deep and so hot and so present like the lava thing in middle earth. Their appearance will always follow the principle: “Express yourself before you wreck yourself!”

Providing a rather stunning two-track record, Hard Drive Library seem to be setting new heights with their dreamy house takes. The first track Something Like Heaven resonates somewhat with the title, showcasing six minutes of lyrically beautiful, disco-infused sounds. A striking love song. The flip side track Tell Me When It’s Over offers a slightly slower breakbeat bounce infused with spacey acidic lines to create a rather perfect combination. They’ve dedicated this record to all the broken and non-broken hearts; and in the words of the duo… “Enjoy this EP and always remind yourself – love songs are bad songs, except these two. Dance together – love one another!”

If you’d like to purchase this dreamy record, or even one of their fabulously pink ‘Love Songs Are Bad Songs’ t-shirts, check out their Bandcamp!

A. Something Like Heaven
B. Tell Me When It’s Over
[Released: 20.07.20]

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