Michael Klein – No Mercy [Second State]

Born in Frankfurt, the former techno capital of Germany, Michael Klein spent his younger years honing his dark but groovy soundtrack, inspired mainly by the sounds of Cocoon and Robert Johnson. Previous releases have reflected a wide range of sound from raw, straightforward techno to groovy dubby sounds and experimental journeys through noise. Finding the “right” sound for the “right” moment is what makes Michael’s production quality so multifaceted, as his latest release confirms. 

Following a productive 2020, the BLK DRP boss returns to Pan-Pot’s infamous Second State label for his most recent “No Mercy” EP, featuring three high-quality techno cuts. Namesake track “No Mercy” kicks off proceedings with a series of subdued synths backed up by subtle kicks and concentrated snare hits. Creating nothing short of a sonic storm, snare drums and claps add an extra element of texture as the opener serves up an atmospheric treat. Following up is “Joker Smile”, a heavily weighted acidic lead that developed a foreboding atmosphere right from the start, until closing track “Sticky” comes into play with distorted vocal samples ringing out into the distance whilst fully immersed in plucky synth runs. A beautifully versatile record, Michael Klein continues to demonstrate why he is regarded as one of the best.

“No Mercy” is out now and is available to buy and listen on Bandcamp.

1. No Mercy
2. Joker Smile
3. Sticky

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