Julian Muller announces his new label NALI with first release “Fall In Love” alongside MRD

Aiming to push his unique vision and creative spirit, French artist Julian Muller introduces his brand new imprint NALI with an exceptional four-track EP alongside the fast emerging hotshot MRD. Having worked on this project for over six months, Julian aims to allow artists to develop themselves fully in their artistic process without having to compromise their sound to fit certain standards.

On Instagram, Julian Muller said: “To have the possibility to offer artists a safe place where they know we’ll always be there for them, trying to open new opportunities, and giving the possibility to find a home in a label. This is how everything started, how this project came to life.”

Packed with scattered bass lines and distinct nostalgic vocals, each track from the upcoming release demonstrates a refreshingly unique and contemporary take on techno that both artists have become so notorious for. The EP draws from transcendental soundscapes and blends them with well crafted techno cuts and pop-leaning vocals with a hint of the aesthetics of popularised club culture prevalent in the late 90’s. There is no doubt that every song on this record has the potential to become an instant summer hit.

“Fall In Love” is set to release in May and can be and be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

1. Fall In Love
2. Tell Me You Are Here
3. Fall In Love (The Rework)
4. Addiction

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