Luke Slater and Ø [Phase] return under their RoogUnit guise on Mote-Evolver

Combining for their second release under their RoogUnit moniker on Mote-Evolver, Luke Slater and Ø [Phase] unleash a classy three-track EP named “Nu Rebels Club”.

Following 2017s “Mesh” EP release, the second outing from two of techno’s most revered talents in Mote-Evolver boss Slater and Ashley Burchett, sees the duo indulge in a vast sonic exploration into the world of hypnotic techno shot through with intricately interwoven soundscapes and glacial atmospheres.

The release follows a live-streamed set via Mote-Evolver’s Bandcamp page on march 5th featuring a four and a half hour live B2B DJ set from RoogUnit.

1. Edge 1
2. Edge 2

3. Edge 3

“Nu Rebels Club” is now out on Mote-Evolver and is available to listen and buy on Bandcamp.

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