Erol Alkan’s ‘Automatic’ returns with a remix from LA Priest

Clocking in as the landmark hundredth single on Phantasy, Erol Alkan’s trademark “Automatic” production returns with the first of two remixes that furthers the London DJ and producer’s psychedelic club vision. The original 12″ pressing, limited to one hundred and hand-numbered, sold out in less than an hour.

The first remix of Erol Alkan’s ‘Automatic’ goes back to the beginning with a unique adaptation from LA Priest. Initially the first artists to release on Phantasy upon its foundation in 2007, the former Late of The Pier member and DIY synth auteur strengthens this connection further with beguiling and typically indefinable reimagine of Automatic’s club energy.

Erol Alkan stated: “Sam Eastgate aka LA Priest was the first person I wanted to ask to remix ‘Automatic’. We worked together making Late Of The Pier’s ‘Fantasy Black Channel’, and I reworked his track ‘Engine’ which was the first ever single on Phantasy. 13 years and 99 Phantasy singles later, I am still collaborating with Sam. I worked on his last album, 2020’s ‘Gene’ and here he is, remixing my latest single. This symmetry is the perfect illustration of what makes Phantasy tick, with lasting friendships and personal growth being at the heart of it. I love what Sam has done, and I know that he is somebody who will still be creating wonderful music long into the future.’

Erol Alkan’s Automatic (LA Priest Remix) is available on April 9th, with the full release out everywhere on April 30th.

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