Berlin’s RAMP Music School offering cutting edge tuition and mentoring in creative sound and music production

RAMP is a modern, community focused academy based in Berlin, specialising in creative sound, music production, performance, record label and music industry eduction. Operating in Kreuzberg, RAMP provides accessible, focussed practical education from industry and world renowned artists that we all know and love.

The courses RAMP offer are specially designed by a team of highly quality educators and feature courses from high profile artists such as Kagding Ray, Appleblim, Ireen Amnes, Kamikaze Space Programme, UVB , Tasha, Alan Oldham and many more.

Check out all the details for their upcoming courses on their website.

Experimental Practice in Ableton [taught by Appleblim] (starts April 21st) – LAST SEATS AVAILABLE
6 week course with coaching and mentoring from Appleblim. Take your Ableton production and sound design skills to the next level in this mixed class.

In Depth Mixing [taught by Kamikaze Space Programme aka Raiden] (starts MAY 6th)
6 Week advanced course with coaching and mentoring from KSP. Mix a track from start to finish, uncover industry secrets, tips & tricks, take your mixing skills to the next level & achieve a more professional sound. Includes one to one personal tutorial. 

Experimental Practice in Ableton *for women* [taught by Ireen Amnes] (starts MAY 12th)
6 week in depth creative course with coaching and mentoring from Ireen Amnes. Take your sound-design skills to the next level in this class for women and non binary people.   

Ableton Essentials (starts MAY 31st)

Modular Synthesis & Sound Design Tools [taught by Adam Winchester] (starts JUNE 1st)
6 week course with Dot Product’s Adam Winchester. Get your head around Modular and build your own unique synth. Take your sound design to the next level with a range of experimental techniques and powerful software & hardware tools. 

Ableton Essentials *for women* [taught by Ireen Amnes] (starts JUNE 23rd)

Plus more courses coming soon from some fantastic producers like: Om Unit, Cocktail Party Effect & more(past courses from the likes of UVB, Kangding Ray, Tasha (Neighborhood) 


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