Hannibal Peck releases “Zeenobuurt Torries” LP on Rotterdam label Tar Hallow

Rotterdam-based record label Tar Hallows invites newcomer Hannibal Peck for an enthralling seven-track album, released on cassette.

Launched in 2015 by Thanos Hana, the label aims to nurture emerging talent as well as more established artists who focus on raw sounds of the electronic spectrum. Expect big things to come from both Hannibal and Tar Hallows.

“Zeenobuurt Torries” is out now on Tar Hallows and can be bought on Bandcamp.

1. Beetje Overdriven
2. Room 607
3. Space Debris In Orbit
4. Spinozapark Gangsters
5. AC Adaptor
6. Triangular Shaped Discs
7. Tapeloopsunday

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