Hemlock Recordings to return with a captivating debut release from Beneath

Hemlock Recordings ran by Jack Dunning, AKA Untold, has been a stable of bass music and dubstep since early 2008. Having featured heavy hitter releases from the likes of Ramadanman (AKA Pearson Sound), Pangaea, Ploy, Hodge and Bruce, Hemlock Recordings output can be categorised by an era of club music tunnelling LFO basslines, atmospheric dubs and whomps. Since 2017, Hemlock hasn’t had any new releases, however a new six-track double-EP has been announced for release 14th of May 2021.

Continuing on with a heavy named list of releases on Hemlock, Beneath is set to drop his first record since 2018 as well as his debut EP on the esteemed label. His sound can be categorised as a combination of UK Techno, Dubstep and UK Funky, bringing a distinct recognisable edge to his productions. A sneak promo of ‘On Tilt’ on Hemlock’s Bandcamp previews ‘The Passage’, which builds on Beneath’s previous releases with a distinguishable bass, thumbing dubs and sultry echo’s- if this small preview is anything to go by for the rest of the vinyl it is sure to be a huge summer dance floor filler.

Hemlock Recordings describes the six-track EP as: ‘His most substantial release to date, the six tracks build on his signature style of sound system workout imbued with the resonance of UK Funky, Hardcore and DMZ Dubstep.’

“On Tilt” EP will be released on Hemlock Recordings, pre-order on their Bandcamp.

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