SHDW & Obscure Shape’s imprint From Another Mind celebrates five years with “Versionen 008”

From Another Mind celebrates its fifth anniversary with ‘Versionen 008’, a mammoth remix package of SHDW & Obscure Shape tracks from Héctor Oaks, Ø [Phase], Exium, and more.

Comprising of nine remixes of the German producer/DJ outfit, ‘Versionen 008’ covers four sides of vinyl and features adaptations from a wealth of modern techno talent, rising stars, and scene veterans alike, with Hadone, MRD, Stigmata, Exium, Héctor Oaks AKA DJKAOS11, Introversion, Ø [Phase] and DJ Boss making contributions.

The album contains a blend of acid, techno and rave, switching between warehouse anthems to essential DJ tools, covering both contemporary and vintage sounds that will no doubt be played across the world this summer. Always favouring high-energy and gritty productions, the duo have used From Another Mind for their dark, intense soundtracks and this compilation album is no different, providing uncompromising techno cuts throughout.

“Versionen 008” is out on vinyl and can be purchased on Juno.

1. Die Prophezeiung (Hadone Version)
2. Der Weg Des Kriegers (MRD Version_
3. Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata Version 1)
4. Blick Des Bösen (Exium Version)
5. Kein Entokmmen (Héctor Oaks aka DJKAOS11 Version)
6. Bisswunden (Introversion Version)
7. Verlorene Seelen (Ø [Phase] Version)
8. Feuersturm (DJ Boss Version)
9. Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata Version 2)

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