Newly established Montreal-based techno label MFC Records to drop debut release with Aahan

Brand new label headed by Montreal-based BitterCaress invites emerging talent Aahan for their debut release “Freya” coming May 27th.

Established to raise awareness about causes close to their hearts, MFC Records believe that we can aspire for a better world through music, seeking to use their new fundraising project to support newcomers, fresh talents and established artists from around the world. All proceeds from the releases are going to be donated to chosen non-for-profit organisations.

Aahan’s new EP “Freya” aims to raise awareness about Mor Çati Women’s Shelter Foundation in Turkey, established in 1990 by feminists in order to combat violence against women. Having watched the women’s rights movements in Turkey for some time, Aahan believes this issue needs more attention from the media and the public at large.

Containing three high-impact techno cuts from Toronto-based youngstar and a remix from Instruments of Discipline’s very own Luna Vassarotti, this new EP is set to push the boundaries of the contemporary techno scene whilst simultaneously thrusting MFC Records into the international spotlight.

“Freya” is set to release May 27th on MFC Records and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

1. Freya
2. Hestia
3. Broken Era
Freya (Luna Vassarotti Remix)

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