Skee Mask drops brand new “Pool” LP via Ilian Tape

Munich-based artist Skee Mask drops his third full-length solo LP “Pool” today on esteemed Ilian Tape.

Dropping eighteen tracks of genre bending electronics, fan-favourite Skee Mask returns to the home of the Zenker Brothers with another masterpiece following previous albums “Shred” in 2016 and “Compro” just a couple of years on.

An Ilian Tape Instagram post quoted Skee Mask: “Just a continutaion of things that I have been doing before and that will be done in the future. The plan is that there is no plan and the story goes on! Eighteen tracks about distinct moods, patterns and the pure joy of creation itself.”

Available digitally and as a triple-pack vinyl on Bandcamp, “Pool” won’t be available on streaming services.

1. Nvivo
2. Stone Cold 369
3. LFO
4. Rdvnedub
5. CZ3000 Dub
6. DJ Camo Bro
7. Collapse Casual
8. Breathing Method
9. Ozone
10. Rio Dub
11. Testo BC Mashup
12. Dolan Tours
13. Absence
14. 60681z
15. Crossection
16. Harrison Ford
17. Pepper Boys
18. Fourth

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