Luke Slater returns as Planetary Assault Systems with brand new EP “Say It Loud” for Token’s 100th release

Token celebrate their 100th release with Luke Slater, aka Planetary Assault Systems, who catalogues an immaculate four-track EP, out today.

For over twenty-five years, Slater has delivered unparalleled quality in his music, a formative figure in techno and instrumental in defining the sound globally, few can touch the Brit for depth, urgency and hit rate. Exhibiting near enough perfect renditions of classic dance-floor moods, the four track EP is a wrought iron rollercoaster through some of the artist’s most exacting work.

Opening track “Bang Wap” chugs away, building tension before a satisfying release in the last quarter, smartly followed by A2 track “Bolt”, providing a hypnotic and driving sequence that dips in and out of view. On the flip, namesake song “Say It Loud” demonstrates tight percussive elements for maximum effect and features chopped female vocals for extra tension, before the Detroit-influenced trip “Shine” finishes up the record in style.

“Say It Loud” is out on Token and is available to listen and buy on Bandcamp.

1. Bang Wap

2. Bolt
3. Say It Loud
4. Shine

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