Motech Records announces next release with American artist Annika Wolfe

Motech Records are set to return with an exhilarating EP Chiques Funk from American techno artist Anikka Wolfe.

Annika Wolfe’s early musical influences span a range of genres from Punk and New Wave to Hip Hop and Funk. Such eclectic taste brings a unique sound to Wolfe’s deep, rhythmic and raw Techno, which was first brought to DJ 3000’s attention via an EP for Truncate’s WRKTRX label.

Speaking on the record, Annika says: “The EP was inspired by my thirst for the late-night warehouse parties we are accustomed to in Los Angeles”, says Annika, “this is my take on raw, jacking styled techno.”

Opener “Drama” instantly captures attention with its funky Ghettotech vibe, jacking drum programming and claps that elevate every transition. The second track “Flavor” steps the groove level up a gear and the final track “Chiques Funk” sets the tone for peak-time on the dance floor. Distorted robotic bleeps filter through percussive toms and claps resulting in a sound reminiscent of Detroit techno’s stripped-back soundscapes.

‘Cliques Funk’ is dropping July 16th on Motech Records and will be available for purchase on Bandcamp.

1. Drama

2. Flavor
3. Chiques Funk

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