Danny Daze and Anthony Rother join forces for their new EP featuring remix work from Etapp Kyle and Tarra

Moscow’s celebrated label System 108 presents the latest split release by Danny Daze and Anthony Rother. The “Binary” EP is inspired by and dedicated to Moscow and its rich and distinctive atmosphere.

One side of the forthcoming EP consists of a raw-sounding and dancefloor-oriented techno track “Moscow” by Danny Daze. With a slight correspondence to the Dutch sound, the track also has a soulful synthesizer touch to it. During the process, Danny made vocal recordings of his Russian-speaking friends over the phone and embedded these recordings into the work sequence. Remixed by Etapp Kyle and Tarra, this version is aimed towards the sound of British electro with added elements of UK bass music which makes it melodic and imbued with the spirit of electronics and elements of IDM.

The second part of the EP belongs to the German electro producer and artist Anthony Rother with his track “Kocmoc”, referencing the Soviet satellite launched in 1966  as part of the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik program. The track is presented in two versions – the original mix being more dance-oriented, whilst the space mix is more abstract in its sound and style. 

‘Binary’ is out August 9th via System 108.

1. Danny Daze – Moscow

2 Danny Daze – Moscow (Etapp Kyle & Tarra Remix)
3. Anthony Rother – Kocmoc (Original Mix)
4. Anthony Rother – Kocmoc (Space Mix)

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