Nite Fleit to launch new label with Sycophantic Romantic EP

Sycophantic Romantic EP is the inaugural release on Nite Fleit’s new Atomic Alert label.

The label is meant to become a vessel for Nite Fleit’s own releases, for artists she admires and collaborations of all kinds.

Nite Fleit states: “I like making friends through collaboration; many amazing artists I’ve admired and reached out to have agreed to be part of Atomic Alert and it’s been really nice getting to know so many new, incredibly talented and wonderfully kind people, planning things without having met them yet – I just look forward to meeting everyone I’ve spent so long talking to online this past year!”

Sycophantic Romantic sets the tone for the label. The title track is a classic Nite Fleit electro belter, whilst the remainder of the release shows a softer side of the producer, her Day Fleit side. The future sounds bright. 

‘Sycophantic Romantic’ is due July 30th via Atomic Alert.

1. Toxic By Proxy

2. Sycophantic Romantic
3. Malfunction
4. Bystander In Full Effect

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