Livity Sound celebrates 10th anniversary with 18-track compilation ‘Molten Mirrors’

Peverelist’s label Livity Sound celebrates ten years with a four-vinyl package that features the label’s entire roster – out September 24th.

Molten Mirrors captures the dynamic energy of Livity Sound at 10, with 19 artists from the label’s roster coming together to present an honest document of where the label is at in the present moment. No over-arching concepts, no hackneyed themes – true to Livity’s open-ended mode since 2011, it’s as much a declaration of community as a cross-section of experimental dance music in 2021.

Originally Livity Sound was established as a vessel for new tracks from Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu – three Bristol-based artists who found common ground between their distinct styles in pursuit of a reduced, heavyweight strain of soundsystem techno. First appearing with a compilation of remixes in 2014, Tess Redburn’s iconic artwork heralded a fresh new impetus for the label, and the music seemed to become more colourful in kind. While the founding principles of space, bass and fractured rhythms have largely abounded up to the present day, there’s been a progressively broader palette of sound employed

‘Molten Mirrors’ is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

1. Azu Tiwaline – Nissa

2. Forest Drive West – Lost Signal
3. Batu – Melts Into Air
4. Two Shell – Big Style
5. Al Wootton – Sancode
6. DJ Plead – Glebe!
7. Bakongo – Ashy
8. Cando – It’s All Relative
9. Facta – FM Gamma
10. Pev & Kowton – Exhale
11. Simo Cell – El Gato Loco
12. Hodge – Do What You Need To Do
13. Bruce – Just Getting On With It
14. Kouslin – Racket
15. Jurango – Drolle Prosse
16. Toma Kami – Sixty Frames
17. Ido Plumes – Albeit
18. Surgeons Girl – Grass Labyrinth

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