Fear-E returns to Dark Entries with ‘Mechanical Music for Brighter Days’

Glaswegian producer Scott McKay, aka Fear-E, returns to Dark Entries with a six-track EP called Mechanical Music for Brighter Days. 

Having used the Fear-E moniker for the better part of the last decade to explore rave-inflected acid techno as both a DJ and producer, McKay has since released on lauded labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Don’t Be Afraid, and Super Rhythm Tracks. He made his debut on Dark Entries previously with Grey Skies in a Dear Green Place in 2019.

Mechanical Music for Brighter Days contains six diverse tracks that are united by their unbridled energy. While Fear-E centers DJ functionality, these works are not to be dismissed as mere DJ tools; they ooze personality and display subtle mastery of varied rave idioms.

All tracks were mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The artwork by João Ervedosa features a rave nostalgic neon yellow and slate grey color scheme with blocky robotic text.

‘Mechanical Music for Brighter Days’ is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

1. D10S

2. El Bimbo de Oro
3. Escape From The Hive
4. Gladiator Rhythm
5. New Cycles
6. Tinfoil Hat

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