Caterina Barbieri x Lyra Pramuk to debut Caterina Barbieri’s label light-years

Caterina Barbieri kicks off her new imprint with debut video single featuring Lyra Pramuk.

‘Knot of Spirit’ is catharsis, a mystical, hallucinatory sonic vertigo of synths and vocals inducing tension, enigma, transcendence, erasing any distinction between the inner and the outer worlds. A surreal, oil-painted artwork by Russian artist Dasha Kuznetsova emanates the same unmediated, subconscious emotionality. The track functions like a statement of intent from the Italian composer and musician as she gestures towards the kind of enchanted and transmutational music-worlds that she will welcome onto the light-years label

Speaking on the release, Barbieri states: “I strongly believe in the power of sound as an agent of change and the idea behind this project is to make deep listening effortless and explore the transformative, mind-altering potential of music, as well as its socially empowering effects

light-years showcases will take place later in 2021 across Europe as a ‘continuous enveloping environment’ for performance ft Lyra Pramuk, Bendik Giske, Nkisi, Kali Malone, Marcel Weber aka MFO for visuals (also Roly Porter/Ben Frost’s collaborator): July 30 at Nextones Festival IT, Draaimolen NL in September.

‘Knot of Spirit’ is out on light-years and is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

1. Knot of Spirit

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