Needs x Green Vinyl present The Future Of Vinyl featuring Saoirse, Reptant, Sansibar, Pugilist and more…

Needs moves into the future of vinyl production partnering with Green Vinyl Records in Holland to produce a 100% recyclable record which uses 60% less energy cost compared to traditional vinyl production methods.

This revolutionary step in vinyl history features the production skills of Saoirse, Reptant, Sansibar, Pugilist, LUXE and Hassan Abou Alam.

Needs009 features room one ready techno from one of the scenes leading lights Saoirse; a bass heavy, electro-tech weapon from Melbourne’s Pugilist; the cosmic electro baselines of the irrepressible Reptant; an otherworldly space excursion courtesy of Norway’s finest Sansibar; dancehall inflected acid trance from London-based up and comer LUXE; and to round things off some twisted breaky tech-house from Egypt’s latest export Hassan Abou Alam.

While the recent vinyl boom has been a bright spot for physical media lovers and the record industry alike, pressing vinyl poses a more urgent environmental concern than it did in the format’s heyday. At times, the process can seem almost antithetical to green living. Records are made of PVC, which comes from refined oil and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. Traditional pressing machines are powered by steam boilers that require fossil fuels to generate heat and pressure; the water used is treated with anti-corrosive chemicals in order to prevent rusting, thus creating more wastewater. And that’s just the pressing procedure.

In 2019 Needs started conversations with Green Vinyl, a brand new pressing plant based in Holland, who have devised a revolutionary production method which uses injection moulding rather than steam energy, equalling 60% less energy cost than the traditional vinyl production. It also uses no PVC and is a 100% recyclable product, meaning you can dispose of it in your home recycling bin.

Speaking on the topic, Needs founder Bobby states: “Over the years vinyl has been a difficult subject for us. There was even a point where we seriously thought about becoming a digital only label. But after a period of intense research we came across Green Vinyl and found a solution to do what we love and in a way which is ethical, progressive and pushes the format forward. Hopefully through this release we can raise awareness about this revolutionary new technology and inspire others to think about the way they produce vinyl.”

‘Needs x GVR present The Future Of Vinyl’ is out September 24th and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

1. Saoirse – Rotational Speed
2. Pugilist – Gluttony
3. Reptant – The Last Laugh
4. Sansibar – Sky Express
5. LUXE – Flex
6. Hassan Abou Alam – Cluttered

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