Space Afrika to drop highly anticipated full-length project called ‘Honest Labour’

The Manchester duo are set to drop their debut album on Dais in two weeks time.

It’s the group’s first full-length since 2020’s landmark hybtwibt? mixtape, expanding the project’s palette with classical strings, shimmering guitar, and visionary vocal cameos, leaning further into their enigmatic fusion of ambient unrest and cosmic downtempo. It’s a sound both fogged and fragmented, at the axis of song craft and sound design, born from and for the yearning solitudes of life under lockdown.

Having already dropped two early visuals to B£E ft. blackhaine and Rings ft. Guest, the new LP transcends the sum of the duo’s early influences, and shows what they’re capable of. Both ambitions are entirely realised. The collection’s 19 tracks flow with a synergy and sophistication as rare as they are radical, untethered to the dusty dub-techno templates of Space Afrika’s early years.The album contains interstitial anthems, expressionistic and open-ended, delirious but deliberate, attuned to the drift and dreamstate of the present moment: “Ultimately this is an homage to U.K. energy, and an album about love and loss.”

‘Honest Labour’ is out August 27th via Dais and is available to pre-order here.

A1. yyyyyy2222
A2. Indigo Grit ft. guest
A3. Lose You Beau
A4. Solemn
A5. LV A6. Preparing the Perfect Response ~
A7. Ny Interlude
A8. Rings ft. guest
A9. Noise Sweet
A10. B£E ft. Blackhaine
B1. Like Orchids
B2. Meet Me At Sachas
B3. U ft. kinseyLloyd
B4. <>
B5. Girl Scout Cookies ft. bianca scout
B6. Ladybird Drone
B7. With Your Touch
B8. Strength ft. LA Timpa
B9. Honest Labour ft. HforSpirit

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