Fatima Yamaha and Rimer London return as Comtron for new album

After a long hiatus in Comtron releases the pair return with an album called The Roaring Twenties via Magnetron Music.

Comtron (Fatima Yamaha and Rimer London) are known for their critical view on society, the financial and political world. Their new album transcends from dark and twisted electro tracks to pumpin’ big room, gimmicky techno, deep swirling ambient and slow house beats, this double 12″ has no flaws.

The duo have been releasing records for almost a decade now, gaining an international following with their unique strain of avant-garde electric funk, with the sparse lyrics and song titles often take inspiration from the world of finance and big business, glorifying and romanticising it to the point of ridiculing and condemning it.

‘The Roaring Twenties’ is available to pre-order at Phonica.

2. Robert Palmer
3. And all of us in the citys light
4. Speakeasy
5. Com Torn
6. Ko Kos Earth Control
7. Player Piano
8. Masculitis
9. The Roaring Twenties

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