Typeless label head Aloka drops brand new EP entitled ‘Inta’

Typeless record label steps into its fourth release with label head Aloka turning eyes and ears to a combination of shapeshifting breakbeat, electro and ambient. 

Fusing together textural arrangements and genre hybrids, he sets his sights on experimentation with Inta.

Opening track “Inta” moves with a dreamy, indirect gaze and wistful melodies as though sighing itself into existence. Amongst it all sits a subtle beat which carries it into the dancefloor realm as “B4 XL” begins almost as an ensuing chapter to its predecessor with its ambient washes, but soon turns into an antagonistic electro number.

On the flip, “Chroma” diffracts into a million colours, glassy eyed in its introduction but hiding tyrannica kicks and syncopations underneath a swooping bass. Closing track “Movement” slinks straight into a workout-ready guise, merging panting exhalations, pearly synths and choppy breakbeats against the sensation of a spectral figure reaching a deep state of flow. 

Listen to title track “Inta” below.

‘Inta’ is out now on Typeless and is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

1. Inta

2. B4-XL
3. Chroma
4. Movement

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