EPM celebrates 20 years with huge compilation featuring the likes of Robert Hood, The Advent and Regis

EPM continues celebrating 20 Years of Music with a new compilation featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Robert Hood, Regis, The Advent & Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest, Bryan Chapman, Paul Mac, Arno Vancolen, Eddie Fowlkes, Jon Dixon, DJ 3000, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, W. Jeremy, James Ruskin, Luis Martinez and more.

EPM have released a series of EPs in 2021, each one focussing on a different genre. Their new compilation EPM20 features all the tracks from the EPs plus additional cuts from a host of other artists and long-time EPM associates. The idea was to have 20 tracks for 20 years but in true clubland style they sneaked a ‘plus 1’ in at the end.

In May the imprint brought a deep dive of Techno masters with exclusive tracks from Robert Hood, Ben Sims, James Ruskin and Mark Broom each delivering their distinct production skills, whilst June saw the release of their second EP bringing together cuts by some of Electro’s leading lights – The Advent & (son) Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest and Modulator (a.k.a. Freddie Fresh).

At the end of July, the third EP in the series turned towards House music via the TechnoSoul innovator Eddie Fowlkes, Motor City moderniser, Jon Dixon, Motech Records’ founder DJ 3000 and Rico & Sonny, the pseudonym of the Chicago based DJ duo and production team of Adam Stolz and Tim Baker, recorded before his passing. 

Listen to snippets of the first EP below.

‘EPM20’ will be available to purchase along with all the EP’s on Bandcamp.

1. Regis – Beyond The Reach of Time Pt.1
2. The Advent & Zein Ferreira – Strangeform
3. Robert Hood – Shadows
4. Bryan Chapman – Io
5. Paul Mac – Nothing Remains
6. Rico & Sonny – The Beat
7. Ben Long & Oliver Way – Belladona Beats
8. Arno Vancolen – Fragment 7
9. Itchy Ear – Transmutation Celebration
10. Carl Finlow – Optogenetic
11. Ben Sims – Xotnuc
12. Detroit’s Filthiest – Werewolf
13. Francesco Terranova – Resilient
14. W. Jeremy – Northern Lights
15. Jon Dixon – Mack & Bewick
16. Eddie Fowlkes – 1-2-3
17. James Ruskin – There Was A Time
18. Mark Broom – The Three Swords
19. Luis Martinez – Equinox (Solar Eclipse Mix)
20. DJ 3000 – Summer 1995
21. Modulator AKA Freddie Fresh – ProMars

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