Glaskin unveil debut album with Matrixxman remix

Following a string of acclaimed EPs, Glaskin unveil their highly anticipated debut album Klaftertief with a huge remix from Matrixxman. The LP is due October 9th via their own YAEL Trip imprint.

The brothers expand on the sonic world they have built for themselves to present a vast
project without boundaries. The title Klaftertief refers to an old German word for a deep hole in the ground that is believed to be infinite – as such, the scope of their inspiration is open-ended.

Mirroring the idea of ‘Klaftertief’ in their workflow, the brothers used varying setups every day of production, incorporating numerous combinations of hardware and software to allow for a freeform writing process without limits.

Speaking on the album, the brothers state: ‘’One day we were just improvising on a synth searching for an interesting, catchy synthline, the next day we were slicing recorded samples until they started to make us dance in the studio. Most of the recording period we spent in front of our modular system, though. It gave us so much inspiration, a certain kind of randomness that we were searching for and effortless, joyful music making in general.’’

‘’We always dreamed about writing our very first full length LP. It came really naturally with the state we all were thrown in at the beginning of the last year. The process was full of joy as we didn’t set ourselves any kind of limit. Production-wise, genre-wise, time-wise. It was just the pure joy of making music with a different musical set up every day.’’

‘Klafterief’ is releasing October 9th via YAEL Trip and the Matrixxman remix is available to listen here.

1. Intro
2. Klaftertief
3. 22 Grams
4. Hydrogroove I
5. Fine Silver
6. Stalactite Cave
7. Masked Yaiber
8. Querschläger (Feat. Malwina)
9. Hydrogroove II
10. Galan
11. Forms
12. Stalactite Cave (Matrixxman Remix)

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