Ten of the best Truncate label tracks selected by Truncate

Ever since his first release as Audio Injection in 2007, David Flores, aka Truncate, has been a key driving force behind the Los Angeles’ techno movement. As a teenager, Flores listened to a variety of electronic music on the radio back in the 90s, and then began to mix soundtracks by the age of eighteen. Clearly possessing a talent for mixing, the emerging artist was invited to DJ across Southern California on the DIY Warehouse, desert and rave circuit, ultimately leading to his first moniker as Audio Injection. His early style was varied and portrayed a myriad of sounds ranging from house to acid, to techno and to hardcore. It was in 2008 when David decided to focus on music full-time and the rest is history. 

After a few years of honing his mixing skills, Flores released a series of original tracks which landed on several established labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, 4-Track & LA label, Droid Recordings. His early inspirations are clearly visible in both Audio Injection and Truncate productions, as Flores merges the raw energy of the 90s rave scene with smart sound design and deep musical knowledge to create nothing short of future proof weapons that have been unleashed around the world. He has since catalogued various releases on established record labels such as TRUNCEI8HT EP on EI8HT, Level Up on Pets Recordings and Figure Jams 006 on Figure. However, most of Flores’ records have been self-released on his very own TRUNCATE imprint. To celebrate ten years, Truncate has announced a huge EP featuring remix work from two techno stalwarts in James Ruskin and Planetary Assault Systems, aka Luke Slater, serving up six impactful soundtracks to shake up dancefloors across the globe. “First Phase” is releasing October 2021.


“The release that started it all. I honestly didn’t think this would be so well received because of its simplicity, but after I realized thats what the labels charm was. The initial idea of Truncate were just DJ tools. Easy mix in and out club tracks (and still continues to be that) but had no idea it would go to where it is today!


“The 2nd release on Truncate when the label started to gain some momentum. Again, super stripped down, deep, jackin with a little toughness.


This is one of my favorite records and probably one of the least popular ones haha. I started to pick up the pace from this EP on. Tempo started to pick up compared to the last few EPs although still a lot slower than what’s considered normal now.


“This was one of those tracks where I took a risk to try something different and it paid off. I honestly thought Dial would fall flat but its the track that exposed me to other non-techno artists. Modeselektor took notice from this record and invited me to do an EP for 50 Weapons. This EP got a lot of support.


Another top pick for me. I went back to the singular vocal sample along with some little bleeps = instant club hit. Probably one of the more popular Truncate records.

Another One

I remember making this because I wanted an intro track for my DJ sets. Starts off with a filtered pad and chord stab that slowly builds up into a raw 909 kick and a filtered conga loop. Always got the crowd going!


This is another one that I really liked to make that was a bit different from the norm. Funny enough its probably one of the most streamed tracks from my label (thanks to Solomum) he played this track in his DJ mix for Grand Theft Auto. Who would of thought I’d ever had a techno track in a huge video game! Pretty rad feeling.

Wave 2

After Wave 1 which was a more melodic track I decided to go back and do it again. I didn’t want to go too trancey, I wanted to keep it a little melodic and hypnotic with some Detroit flavour.

El Sonido

More recently I made this track after I found this Spanish accapella which I thought fit perfectly on the backing track. Straight forward jacking club Trax. Unfortunately it came out at the beginning of the pandemic so I think it missed a lot of dance floors!


This track has a cool story behind it and is the first collab track I released on Truncate. I’ll keep it short but basically I was invited to India to collaborate with Dotdat who is a young talented upcoming DJ/producer in India. We spent a week in Hyderabad filming a short documentary (which never came out unfortunately) and also working in the studio and this EP came about. I was still also in the middle of recovering from a broken ankle and we were riding around town shooting and doing interviews, it was a a fun experience.”

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