Snax and nd_baumecker team up as Snecker to deliver debut EP on Freeride Millenium

Snax and nd_baumecker team up as Snecker, delivering their debut EP, the thrilling ‘Mandemic’ on Freeride Millenium.

Berghain resident DJ nd_baumecker has been a key voice in house & techno for years. As part of Barker & Baumecker, he has put out essential EPs and LPs on Ostgut Ton. Snax is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, performer and DJ who brings real character to everything he does, releasing extensively on his Random Records label and many others. The pair have previously teamed up for remixes, bootleg and otherwise, and now expand on that with this inventive release.

Speaking on the release they state: “‘Mandemic’ sprang from the concept of what it might be like if / when our world’s current situation became eroticised, perhaps even evolving into a queer sex party. The only name for such a party would have to be ‘Mandemic’, of course, and Snecker quickly stepped up to deliver its theme song.”

Remixes come from veteran DJ, songwriter and illustrator Pete Ellison as well as Fuave Records boss and lifelong crate digger Romain FX.

‘Mandemic’ is releasing October 15th via Freeride Millenium

1. Mandemic (feat. Captain Comatose)
2. Mandemic (feat. Captain Comatose) – Radio Edit

3. Mandemic (feat. Captain Comatose) – Pete Ellison Remix
4. Mandemic (feat. Captain Comatose) – Romain FX Remix
5. Things We Got

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