Ross From Friends drops his highly anticipated LP ‘Tread’

Ross From Friends, AKA British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, returns with Tread – his keenly anticipated new album out today via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. 

Whilst writing the album, Ross spent a lot of time reflecting on his own life around Old Kent Road in London, explaining “In my mind it chronologically tied itself to the tunes I was listening to across that period too. How things have changed over the past 10 years in South London can be mapped with the type of music I was listening to throughout various stages of living here. I’ve basically honoured all of these musical touchstones across the album, thinking about how those memories and the tunes attached have been etched into a permanent chronology that’s completely personal to me.” 

“I’ve amassed all of these memories from a time spent just messing around in South London, as with ‘Thresho’, I’ve amassed all of these recordings from sitting around and experimenting musically. ‘Tread’ refers to the marks that I’ve been permanently leaving, both in my memories and throughout the process using ‘Thresho’”. 

With ‘Thresho’ being so integral to the album Felix has also made the decision to share this vast bank of recordings that were the foundations of Tread and in doing so, offer up a peek behind the scenes at the creative process of one electronic music’s most individual and compelling voices.

Listen to Tread below.

‘Tread’ is out now and is available to listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

1. The Daisy
2. Love Divide
3. Revellers
4. A Brand New Start
5. XXX Olympiad
6. Grub
7. Spatter/Splatter
8. Morning Sun In A Dusty Room
9. Run
10. Life In A Mind
11. Thresho_1.0
12. Thresho_1.1

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