Will Lister delivers brand new EP via Heald Recordings

Will Lister presents Material Tension, the latest release on his own recently launched imprint Heald Recordings.

It is the final instalment in a tetralogy of releases from 2021, Heald’s previous outputs garnered support from the likes of Lee Gamble, Loraine James, Call Super, Machinewoman, Bambounou and many other notable artists and DJs.

‘Material Tension’ consists of two tracks, opening with a string quartet arrangement of ‘Object Recognition’. Recorded in Will’s studio based in a church in South London, the track’s intro serves as a way of familiarising the listener to the melodic motif of the A side, which then proceeds to be ripped apart and synthesized in Lister’s signature production style.

The B side, Maelstrom, is built of modular blips and percussion, riding over a blown-out drum loop. Rhythmic stabs and acoustic drum fills spill over the beat, leading us to a dark, sub heavy, cavernous space.

The release is tied together through a theme of digitisation and material transformation. To honour that, the music will be released alongside a hand-made, white porcelain drinking vessel. Hand-thrown by Richard Baxter Ceramics in Leigh-on-Sea, the object aims to duplicate the natural form of a Nectarine with the natural variation brought in by human replication.

Check out “Object Recognition” below.

Material Tension’ is out now via Heald Recordings and is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

1. Object Recognition (Intro)
2. Object Recognition
3. Maelstrom

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