VTSS announces new EP on Technicolour with single “Trust Me”

London based producer VTSS announces forthcoming Projections EP – her first release for Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint.

Projections introduces a new phase of VTSS’s catalogue. The forthcoming EP echoes the heritage of vintage drill & bass while honouring that style’s innate sense of humour and reflecting VTSS’s own irrepressible persona. Moody and freaky, the record’s off-step tempos and laser-maze drum patterns are an inventive foil to VTSS’s industrious four-to-the-floor bruisers.

VTSS has gained a reputation for her mind-bending gigs at Berghain’s most musically adventurous dance floor Säule whilst DJing at mega-raves like London’s Junction 2 and Possession in Paris.

Having moved from Berlin to London last September VTSS found the freedom to explore fresh musical ideas, stating: “With clubs being closed and there being no perspective on when it was going to change,” she says, “I felt free for the first time to do what I wanna do. And being in London, being surrounded by friends who are outside of the ‘techno bubble’ — everyone here is more genre fluid. That was really inspiring.”

Expect mind-bending music from one of techno’s most in demand artists in the game right now.

Check out “Trust Me” below.

‘Projections’ is dropping January 28th on Technicolour and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

1. The need to avoid
2. Trust me
3. For your safety
4. Live laugh leave
5. Propaganda of success
6. Why we don’t deserve nice things

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