Cerrot announces debut album on esteemed label Trip

Puerto Rican artist Cerrot announces highly anticipated LP forthcoming on Nina Kraviz’s label Trip.

Iteritax is his solo debut album on the label after appearances on Nina Kraviz’s stream-turned-compilation Hot Steel series. He recorded the 11-track EP in 2020 after falling into a flow that saw him create several tracks a day.

The Plasma distortion unit pedal is at the core of the EP’s raw, harsh and undone style. Iteritax is defined by strong percussion and a variety of modular synth recordings.

Speaking on the record, Cerrot states: “What started out as daily jam sessions effortlessly transformed into tracks and ultimately this EP. This approach has allowed me to tap into an infinite source of inspiration. Once I started jamming I had so many routes to take and it all just flowed for me. This same sense of freedom is what I aim to bring out in people with these tracks.”

Listen to the first single “Iteritax” below.

‘Iteritax’ is set to drop February 4th 2022 on Trip.

1. cerrot – coffee beats
2. cerrot – plasmax
3. cerrot – beautiful chaos (unpredictable mix)
4. cerrot – left and right
5. cerrot – no right or wrong
6. cerrot – a little bit off
7. cerrot – sd01
8. cerrot – orgasmixx lyra
9. cerrot – gradual05
10. cerrot – gradual07
11. cerrot – iteritax

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