CLBRKS and Kiina join forces for ‘HABITS 2’

Following on from 2017’s HABITS, CLBRKS and Kiina return for an eight track thriller.

The LP includes features alongside Bisk, Conrad Mundy, Renelle 893 and 1jack. Both musicians have developed over the last five years since the first instalment, allowing for an album that serves as a conclusion to the vacancy, confusion and aggressiveness that they served up back in 2017.

This time around we see CLBRKS employing a slightly faster approach to his cadence and lyrics, coupled with the same sense of reflection and boastfulness that we have become accustomed to from the artist in recent years. Combined with crisp and sometimes dark soundscapes from Kiina, this album serves as a memento to the working relationship the two have formed in the last half a decade. It is familiar yet strange, well executed and nonsensical all at once.

Check the visuals for “Where I Am Is Not Important” below.

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