VTSS – Projections [Technicolour]

VTSS is one of those artists that always seems to be full of surprises — providing us with magnetic sets and multifaceted releases — you never really know what to expect. Her latest offering Projections is a perfect example of her artistry and capability to delve into other genres, making her an extremely compelling artist to follow. 

Taking a step away from her usual productions, Projections is influenced by VTSS’ lockdown experience, depicting her story in the form of deconstructed techno. This is an EP you have to listen to a few times to get a grasp of it, as it might seem tumultuous at the first try. However, after a few listens, you will come to realise that it is a dazzling depiction of VTSS’ tenacity and defiance to be pigeonholed as an artist. 

The project certainly has an ethereal feel to it yet standout track, “Propaganda of success” brings a bouncy and fun aspect to the EP and is sure to thrill listeners — especially when heard through a club’s soundsystem. 

Projections is sure to be one of many exciting projects that VTSS delves into. This EP feels like it has come at the right time, preparing us for an exciting year ahead in music. If you are after something that will take unexpected, yet remarkable twists and turns, this record is the one for you.

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