Ten of the best tracks to commit mischief to selected by CLBRKS

London-native CLBRKS is one of the hardest working UK underground rappers in the game right now and already boasts an exemplary catalogue of music, spanning all the way from his earliest work SUPAKING in 2015, to his fresh new full-length project HABITS 2 alongside close friend Kiina. Possessing unique lyricism and unorthodox delivery, CLBRKS has slowly been making a name for himself in the capital partly down to his involvement with the esteemed Blah Records — a label notorious for matching distinctive UK voices with eccentric beats, as well as housing the likes of Black Josh, Milkavelli and Jim Baxter. Described previously as enigmatic, exciting and confident, the Londoner never misses a beat and continues to deliver some of the most forward sounding releases to date. Dubbed by a number of publications as ‘One To Watch’ within their end of year lists, we can expect bundles more from the youngstar throughout the year. In light of his brand new release, CL has chosen his top ten tracks to commit mischief to. Take them as you will.

Mobb Deep – The Start Of Your Ending

“When I was 17 my friends car CD player was broken, forcing us to listen to this song at full volume every time the car started due to the CD being stuck. I don’t think we ever really drove anywhere with the best intentions, and this song provided a sound track to those experiences.”

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Growing up, whenever my father had a big night ahead I would often hear this song vibrating the entire house from behind his bedroom door. If this was playing, he would usually appear from his bedroom dressed immaculately, and upon going out he would rarely return early.

Hall & Oates – Private Eyes

“Opens with a naughty guitar, the lyrics scream paranoia. What else do you need to soundtrack mischief? Ideal for trench coat situations.”

Max B – Blow Me A Dub Remix

“Contemplating on a trip to The Bahamas as I sprint through my condo in my Calvin Klein pyjamas.” Naughty tune. Free Max B.

Jahari – Walk With Me

This shit just sounds spooky.

Bernard Herrmann – Thank God For The Rain

One of the main themes from a favourite film, Taxi Driver. This song feels like weight on the shoulders. Only works when the weather’s fucked or if its night time.

Lil Keke – Peepin’ In My Window

One of the few things I remember doing in 2017 was listening to this song on a regular basis. That probably says enough.

Horace Andy – Sky Larking

“Multi generational mischief banger. Your grandad probably likes this one.”

Norman Connors – You Are My Starship

First of all on the album cover we see Connors on a ship dressed as the captain, that’s hard. Secondly it slaps.

Monica – So Gone

One for the ladies.”

All releases are available on Inigo Kennedy’s Bandcamp.

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