On The Rise: Theo Nasa

“Carry on spreading love, positivity and sounds so others can get inspired to do the same, because the world needs more of it, so if I can be in a position to show it’s possible then that’s it.”

The sound system at E1, East London, is still ringing from one of the hottest nights last August, which invited a star-studded line up of Ellen Allien, Rebekah, DVS, Cormac, MARRØN and one of the UK’s most promising talents, Theo Nasa. An artist renowned both on the national and international circuit for his ‘animated’ and ‘melodramatic’ techno selections and cuts, Nasa possesses an undeniable passion for electronic dance music that seeps in everything he does, from playing high-octane sets to producing some of the tastiest electronic music around.

Following his Worldwide Ravers EP on Rekids back in 2020, Nasa smashes back into the sound sphere with his latest offering Fatal Energies EP for Rekids’ techno focussed Special Projects imprint. Delivering three high-tempo tracks, Nasa further demonstrates why he is one of the most sought after talents in the scene right now. Get to know.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you first got into music?

My name is Theo Nasa. I’m a DJ, producer, vocalist and vintage designer archivist from South East London. It all started with my older siblings who are very knowledgeable on various genres, but my earliest memory is 1994, as my older brother was getting ready to go to a rave and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing which was Jungle.

To someone whoʼs just discovered you, how would you describe your overall sound?

Organic, raw, free, experimental & alien… sometimes demonic depending on the energy that I’m feeling or my thoughts at the time, but the majority of my journey is my freedom to skilfully join certain tracks together you wouldn’t necessarily hear, from grime and breaks mixed with a techno banger. My productions totally go off my emotions, as I feel that works better and the people who get to experience it feel it much more than they can relate in a strange and emotional way to.

You have a huge release called Fatal Energies EP forthcoming on Rekids Special Projects. Can you tell us more about the record and the inspiration behind it?

The overall vision for this EP was to make sure all three tracks send people absolutely mad in a good way whenever they hear them for the rest of their life and even when I’m gone still to have that same effect. They’re all going to connect with everyone somehow, as my recent experiences in parties really come through on this EP.

Where does this rank in your catalog so far and how does it compare with your previous Rekids outing Worldwide Ravers EP ?

I wouldn’t rank it low or high as I’m still growing as a producer. Worldwide Ravers EP was created to show myself I can actually create a breaks track, dub/reggae inspired track and minimal groove track all under the main influence of techno. At this particular time in my life, Fatal Energies EP couldn’t get released at a better time due to the personal growth.

The first track “Nina’s Trippin” is super cool and contains chopped samples of Nina Kraviz’ vocals. How did this come about?

I’ve always been a fan of Nina since her early days and her natural ability to talk so smoothly without even trying on her tracks. I wanted to just create something simple, but hard, sexy and effective at the same time. The track was completed, but something was telling me to add her vocals and I magically got them!

If you had to give three tips to an aspiring artist, what would they be?

First you have to know who you truly are, because once you know that you’re not going to care, and you’ll just be free to create without any limits or judgement on yourself and judgement leads to many other unnecessary factors that’s not needed in the creative world. Secondly, dream like you did as a kid and never lose the spark of wanting to keep showing your talents. Thirdly, learn your craft and get inspired by talking to other artists and if you’re shy you can always just watch them from a distance and learn.

What’s your favourite club you’ve played at so far and why?

Very tricky question, but I’ll have to go with E1, as the vibe I created after we all came out of lockdown was truly special. The sound system on the night was pure class, track selection was on fire, and the hospitality from the organizers made me feel truly welcome.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions you can share with us? Music or non-music related.

Carry on spreading love, positivity and sounds so others can get inspired to do the same, because the world needs more of it, so if I can be in a position to show it’s possible then that’s it.

You have to save one record from your collection. Which would it be and why?!

Would have to be ‘LSTNBRGHN’ which stands for Lost In Berghain. My first time going to that club was beyond mind-blowing and opened my eyes to so much power. After that night I came back home and created the track which is all about freedom to be who you are no matter your race, sexuality or gender.

Quickfire Question: Best…

Best book you’ve ever read?

The Secret, because it’s literally changed my whole life.

Best DJ booth you’ve played in?

Club Room 2. Glasgow Scotland was very simple but effective for me.

Best airport in the world?

Ibiza, as I’ve spent many restless but fun nights in there coming back home.

Best track you have produced?

“Tales Of The Underworld” (Unreleased).

Best club sound system?

Berghain forever!

Best city for food?

Amsterdam has some amazing options and great fries which I love.

Best record shop in the world?

Phonica here in London, an amazing worldwide selection of all genres.

Best album to chill out to?

Melody A.M by Röyksopp due to it having my favourite chill out tune of all time featured on there “Eple”… so incredible!

Best festival you’ve been to as a punter?

Junction 2 as I’ve lived life to the max every year since it’s been happening.

Best track to play at a pre-drinks?

Ben Klock – “Subzero” sets the perfect tone as the drinks flow and vibes build.

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