Vegyn drops new 75-track mixtape ‘Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Too!!’

Vegyn shares another ambitious mixtape containing 75 tracks.

This release comes off the back of an acclaimed debut album, Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds (2019) and EP, Like a Good Old Friend (2021).

These 75 tracks show how Vegyn has moved away from the glow of the computer screen, and towards working more with keys, as he builds a collection of hardware synths ranging from 1977 to 2019. The result is a richer, deeper, more enveloping sound. “Music is a craft as well as a creative process. It’s something I’m always striving to be better at,” says Thornalley.

As he puts it: “My therapist says I overshare. Maybe this is me continuing my bad habit.”

Check out album below.

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