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Five things that inspired DJ Lag’s new album ‘Meeting With The King’

Over the last six years South African superstar DJ Lag has managed to establish himself as a world-class sonic innovator — spearheading one of the most exciting electronic music movements and genres to date in gqom. A Zulu word meaning drum or hit, gqom continues to make serous waves within the scene, as this geographically specific sound is now nestled in a fast-growing international audience, with DJ Mag anointing the South-African pioneer as “the globe-conquring gqom king”.

Having already released a slew of critically acclaimed EP’s including his 2016 Goon Club Allstars debut and 2019’s Uhuru via Diplo’s Good Snuff imprint, DJ Lag also boasts numerous live shows and high-profile collaborations — producing “My Power” for Beyonce’s 2019 Grammy-nominated album The Lion King: The Gift — further demonstrating his natural musical gift fro crafting some of the most relevant music to date.

DJ Lag is now set to return to the sound sphere with his highly-anticipated debut full-length project, Meeting With The King, further demonstrating the fast-growing and unique sounds of gqom. Manifesting his recognition of gqom and Amapiano as sonic siblings, the album draws upon a plethora of genres including Afro House and Afro Tech. Following up a plethora of acclaimed singles over the past months, Meeting With The King is set to be one of the most compelling examples of music pioneer, as the gqom king returns to his roots as a way of creating nothing less than the future sound of the world.


I always hear new sounds when I am travelling. I take these sounds home with me, into the studio, and sometimes they will surface in a song or beat. 

Seeing friends and family 

Friends and family are always an inspiration as sometimes they come up with great ideas that I will take into recording sessions. Other times, I will hang out with them and start recording on the phone right then and there, and make a beat first thing when I get home. 

Every time I come back from the club 

On a night out I always have cool ideas with the different sounds I’ve been hearing in the club.

Experimenting with new sounds online 

I go online searching for different sounds and music around the world and mix it with Gqom.

Cleaning the house 

Surprising – I know, but I always get cool ideas when I am cleaning. I’ll make a playlist of beats and I’ll start coming with ideas of something small to record.

Check out ‘Meet The King’ here.

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