SONIKKU announces new EP on Steel City Dance Discs

Photo: Furmann Ahmed

SONIKKU unveils his brand new EP MOLG forthcoming on Steel City Dance Discs.

Written in the early months of the pandemic, MOLG — or Machines of Loving Grace — looks fifty years ahead to the future of clubbing in dystopian London. The record is also inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2’s early predictions of AI overthrowing humanity, the EP finds SONIKKU at the mercy of machine learning technologies, now too sophisticated to control.

The EP is split into two sides, oscillating between bouncy club-pop and pulsing techno. This duality runs throughout SONIKKU’s project, divided between the lyrical pop of his debut album ‘Joyful Death’ and his adventurous sets for dawn techno raves in cities like London, Berlin, Brussels and Tokyo. Named after a docuseries by Adam Curtis, the EP pulls reference from the erratic collage style of Curtis’ works that track the degradation of global politics in a future without rules.

Check out lead single “Lifestyle” below.

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