Ten of the best tracks that make warm blood flicker selected by Rosa Anschütz

Berlin-based artist, composer and vocalist Rosa Anschütz has spent the majority of her career as a performer, embedding her reverberated voice — oscillating between singing and spoken words — in the delicately constructed sound structures that she is able to create with guitar, bass drum machine and modular synthesiser sampling. Her unique voice always seems to float without losing any depth through the ethereal and hypnotic sound spheres — from the sacred, gloomy mood reminiscent of Nico to the post-punk aura of Joy Division.

In 2019 Rosa made her debut with Rigid on Quiet Love Records, followed closely by her first full-length album featuring a collection of nine ‘Votives’ through which the German artist rendered not only her sonic capabilities but also the physical transformation of the offerings as the ceramic objects. Returning to the soundsphere with a brand new LP entitled Goldener Strom via the esteemed BPitch, Anschütz serves up a series of delicate, meatless soundscapes for her vocals to dance between, demonstrated by her most recent second single “Sold Out”. In light of her forthcoming full-length project, Rosa Anschütz selects ten of the best tracks that make warm blood flicker.

Emac – Don’t Fear Your Own Heart 

“This one was hitting me hard. I had a little session of vibing in my room, Hearing into my body, moving, as I looked up the title I felt recalled. Had some thoughts going on, some discovery and than this title. That was a message.”

Ex-Terrstial – Mojave Skyline

“So many nice elements. I’ll remember the first time hearing it. Also the break before the other drums are coming in, you know there is something going to happen!”

These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Vatican Shadow Remix)

“I had to take it in. One of the first tracks that made me connect with electronic music in my teenage years. I am still going back to this one with pleasure and reminiscing about some memories.”

Olive – You Are Not Alone

“The lyrics, everything, Drama.”

Hiro Kone – Rukhsana (ft. Drew McDowall)

“As the word Rukhsana means, it is beautiful. The vocals, the fast tickling snares or whatever in the background give my ears some good time. I very much admire the work of Hiro Kone and of Drew McDowall.”

Unknown Collective – Ucd006c1

“As it happens I am playing some music for people on decks from time to time. This one is an erosion of building up, streaming into a sucking melodious moist.”

Cienfuegos – Encantada


ShedMenschen und Mauern

“The whole album Oderbuch is touching. I like to imagine what my music would sound, if reworked by Shed.”

Repro – Det Går Bedre

“Still a blissful bundle, Alexander.”

Jan Wagner and Answer Code Request – Phat

“Buzzing City lights, that’s what I felt, soundtrack of something fast. Pulled into this collaboration of Jan and Answer Code Request.”

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