Tresor unveils new Jensen Interceptor x DeFeKT EP with single ‘Free Your Mind’

Jensen Interceptor and DeFeKT join forces for Free Your Mind, the first of two releases on Tresor in 2022.

Thematically Free Your Mind, and its forthcoming counterpart, Free Your Body, are a deeply personal exploration of both artists’ experiences of Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system.

After receiving a diagnosis of MS in 2016 DeFeKT used music as the main coping mechanism to process the huge changes in his life. Of that time he says, “Music saved me. Every day, every hour it was my escape.”

Jensen Interceptor had first-hand knowledge of the effects of MS after a close family member was diagnosed, and so the two found common bonds that they used to inspire this collective project. This opened a deep well of creativity in the pair that resulted in 10 tracks made in a single week.

Musically the record is exactly what you would expect from two of this generation’s most distinctive Electro artists; all the production hallmarks of both are combined, bolstered by a newfound maturity and sonic depth that belies a lifelong love of the genre and its many pioneers.

Check out “Free Your Mind” below.

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