Coco Bryce and Amy Dabbs release ‘Slightly Involved’ project on collaborative label LT-Coda

Coco Bryce and Amy Dabbs release the first instalment of their Slightly Involved project on label LT-CODA.

Using tracks released solely via Lobster Theremin and its sub-labels, Amy Dabbs’ “Girl Like Me” and “Allure” get the full Coco Bryce treatment, and Amy Dabbs takes on Coco’s Twenty One Lies and Ma Bae Be Luv.

Coco, renowned for incorporating elaborately edited layers of breaks samples into his sound, serves up a slice of acid jazz in Geezer Like Me, his take on Amy Dabbs’ Girl Like Me. Complementing this, is Allude, an edgier jungle version of Amy’s track, Allure.

Amy delivers “Twenty One Highs”, a liquid style take on Coco Bryce’s Twenty One Lies, with “Ma Bae Be Blonde”, her version of Coco’s Ma Bae Be Luv, paying homage to the UK’s early rave era.

Check out “Twenty One Highs” below.

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