Dr Dubplate announces new 12 inch series, Twelvez with cold dubstep cut ‘Warlord’ featuring Riko Dan

New label Twelvez readies a two track, 12 inch series from the ec2a camp. A subtle nod to the classic, club ready twelve, with the first offering coming from Daffy and Dominus featuring Riko Dan.

Expect one track per side, cut at 45 rpm for extra emphasis and bass weight. First up on the new imprint are two rising producers in UK Garage, Daffy & Dominus, combining for ‘Warlord’ — an ice-cold dubstep wobbler featuring London city warlord and OG Roll Deep general, Riko Dan on Twelvez.

Classic 140 arrangement and sub-lows setting the pace for the one of the most recognisable grime flows over the past two decades. On the flip comes an addictive speed garage remix by the ever illusive Yorkshire outfit, Soul Mass Transit System, out 3rd June 2022.

Speaking on the new track, Riko Dan states: “Dominus and Daffy hit me up to see if I wanted to collaborate on a project. I told them to send me the instrumental and we’ll take it from there. Fair to say as soon as I played it I knew instantly I would wanna vocal it. As for the lyrics – they’re all about catching a soundboy on the battlefield and killing him there and then without giving him a chance to walk home.”

Listen to “Warlord” below.

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