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Listen to a playlist of current go-to tracks away from the club curated by Seb Wildblood

Widely renowned for his unique sonic identity, Los Angeles via London artist Seb Wildblood has spent the majority of his career producing music based on transportive experiences. Whether it be for headphones or dance floor motives, Wildblood’s productions demonstrate subtlety and depth, spanning a range of genres from radiant house and garage to more spaced out electro and ambient. Armed with a dedicated international fan-base, and an extensive back catalogue spanning back to 2015 with the likes of Foreign Parts and Submarine EP, Wildblood has honed and developed his sound over the years with his debut album sketches of transition receiving widespread critical acclaim back in 2019. An LP showcasing Wildblood’s raw versatility, the young producer showcased elements of Balearic, downtempo, house and alt pop within a full-length project that continues to remain one of the most beautiful underground electronic records to date.

Following a slew of recent singles and EP’s, the US-native recently dropped his brand new, highly-anticipated second album do you feel it too? released via his very own label, ‘all my thoughts’. Best described as a stunning sonic time capsule, the project combines 90’s piano chords, garage instruments, lush vocals and groove-laden minimalist tech-house sentiments — heavily influenced by his relocation from London to LA. The new record also celebrates a renews sense of togetherness and empathy after a period of relative solitude — a rebirth of sorts, after a period of passiveness — focusing on being present in the moment. Continuing to garner a huge amount of attention Widlbloodis also set to embark on his world tour, taking his new album across US, UK, EU, Australia, Mexico, Canada and South America, with more to be announced soon. For those of you in the UK, catch the LA hotshot at Patterns, Brighton o 10th June (tickets here).

Seb Wildblood curates a playlist for us containing a selection of go-to tracks, away from the studio. Tune in below to hear the likes of Ana Roxanne, Lifted, Brokeback and Nana Yamato.

“I’ve been writing so much club music lately it’s nice to take a step out of it. this playlist is filled with a bunch of my current go to’s…”

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