Ten of the best Speed Garage tracks selected by Dr Dubplate

It is apparent that Dr Dubplate and the UK’s new underground run synonymously. As a teenager, the London-based artist was heavily influenced by his father, then manager of London institution Plastic People, as well as a slew of genres including Afrobeat, Rare Groove, House and Funk. From working the cloakroom on Thursday nights at Plastic People, Dr D was able to immerse himself within the likes of Floating Points and Four Set residencies, expanding his appreciation for UK sound system and club culture. Working as a Bristol-based promoter and resident for Piff, the London legend also supported the likes of Mall Grab, DJ Seinfeld and Hodge, becoming a key figure in his local scene — with record label endeavours coming via his very own Piff imprint, including the first UKG project via a Subjoi record.

Now, Dr Dubplate heads up his brand new personal project, ec2a, referencing the postcode of Plastic People during its Curtain Road days — the former London clubbing institution and venue where the UK Bass scene famously cut its teeth and subsequently formed a hotbed for many of the early sounds that have since gone on to define eras of UK music. Now, the ec2a team showcase their brand new 12-inch series called Twelvez. First up on the new imprint are two rising producers in UK Garage, Daffy & Dominus, combining for ‘Warlord’ — an ice-cold dubstep wobbler featuring London city warlord and OG Roll Deep general, Riko Dan. A classic 140 arrangement for all to enjoy.

In light of this latest release, Dr Dubplate chooses his ten favourite ‘Speed Garage’ tracks. Get a load of this.

Conspiracy Dubz – The Warning

“This is a wicked crew from the Digbeth Records crew up in Birmingham. Came across the pre-orders on Shuffle & Swing mad conveniently and managed to snag a copy. The whole Custard Factory EP slaps.”

2xNyce – Fitted

“Large up Tom Shorterz on this one, heard him play the record a while back on IG and had to get an ID – discovered the whole EP and it absolutely slaps… Was an instant Discogs cop. Midlands crew really got their Speedy G on lock.”

Silva Bumpa – My Humps [04 Mix] 

“This one I love and I’m always playing out, the original is a classic and I love a cheeky bootleg. Large up Silva on this one. One of my favourite up and comers. Keep an eye out for him! He’s going to be on everyones map soon.”

Bluetoof – That Got Dark (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)

“Love when you can hear that bassline influence and crossover in Speed Garage and I think this is a class example. Love this remix that Zac did of the sick EP from Bluetoof! Proper bringing some of that Northern energy.”

G.O.D Limited – Watch Ya Bass Bins

“This must be one of the first Speed Garage tunes I ever actively discovered through my YouTube algorithm – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t found it early and it open a whole can of worms because I mean… G.O.D, say more more… I remember it blowing my mind coz at the time I never really heard anything like it. Absolute classic. Just wish I had the record…”

Main Phase – This 1 (FKA With You)

“Always got time for my Danish brother Main Phase. It always baffles me how he captures the Uk sound in his own style and this is a prime example. I almost refuse to believe he’s not secretly from the UK.”

Pinder – Speedy P

“This is a tune that I’ve been playing in sets for quite some time now. I love playing house music go I find this tune always helps me bridge the gap and start getting faster. All the percussion in it just makes it such a heavy DJ tool – banger. Large up Pinder.”

Bandoe – Sidewinder

“This is another one that leans more to the bassline side of things again but I love that 4×4 drive and dirty bassline. I’m also loving the fact that a lot of the bits being made are closer to the 140 bpm mark.” 

Soul Mass Transit System – The Big Warper

“Soul Mass has to be making the most authentic sounding Speed Garage tunes getting dropped atm I would argue he’s been massively influential in its revival… Absolutely love the sample in this one too. You know it’s shutting down any party.”

Double 99 – Ripgroove

“Some would say this one is predictable but for me – growing up in London I got into dance music through Drum N Bass/Jungle and Dubstep was just starting to cause a storm. So growing up I wasn’t really exposed to the sounds of Speed Garage until Uni when I started DJing. However Ripgroove is just one of those timeless classics I’ve been hearing from dayyyyyy – easily get like 3 wheel ups too! This has to be the first ever Speed Garage I would have heard without knowing much about how much more there was to uncover.”

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