Wallis unveils ‘Trust No One’ EP via her very own Jell imprint

DJ and producer Wallis returns with a brand new EP entitled Trust No One, kicking off her brand new label Jell.

The four-track EP is produced by Wallis and tells an emotional story, with cinematographic ideas and unique sound design. We recognise her trademark musical construction, but also discover new aspects of her music. This EP tells the story of her artistic as well as very intimate evolution, sprinkled with some clever ideas hidden within the music. 

The theme of the EP is self reflective: while ‘You Will Wish You Were Never Born’ embodies immediate feelings after acknowledging a betrayal, “Let’s be Clear I Trust No One” investigates the idea that, instead of seeking revenge, one could learn to protect themselves by not associating with the wrong people. “If I Leave Tomorrow” is about exiting situations that do not serve us, and “Martyr du Temps” marks the pain of realising the part one plays in unfortunate events.

Jell is set to be constructed around continuity, and this EP marks the first step of the label. The record  is dedicated ‘to lost wanderers’ through its engraving, and those words were also hidden in the music  itself.

Check out “Let’s Be Clear I Trust No One” below.

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