Listen to a playlist of songs for Chalets and Static Caravans curated by Ivan Smagghe and Sean Johnston

Club legends Ivan Smagghe and Sean Johnston recently joined forces for a stupendous B2B at the The Causes’ brand new event Seaside Beano. Having served as one of London’s most important club spaces over the years, providing a home for underground music fans, parties and creative groups, The Cause are currently on the lookout for a permanent home. Not wanting to stop the party, the team curated a massive line up, bringing everyone together for Seaside Beano over in Brighton.

Across the weekend, a slew of new and experienced artists came together to deliver a monumental show, from the likes of in-form dance duo Overmono, Detroit’s very own Octave One and The Cause residents paranoid London. The venue was transformed into an all out rave cave with numerous dance floors such as the arcade centre, a lazer zone, secret rooms and multiple pool parties as performance for the weekend were hosted by Adonis’s cheeky sister ‘Touche’ and Jonny Woo’s legendary East London pub The Glory.

In light of The Causes recent success on the seaside, Ivan Smagghe and Sean Johnston curate a playlist consisting of songs designed for chalets and static caravans. Plug in and turn up.

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