Objekt returns after a 4 year hiatus with brand new EP ‘Objekt #5’

Photo: Kasia Zacharko

Producer and DJ Objekt returns to the soundsphere with his brand new EP entitled Objekt#5.

The Berlin-based artist provides the latest instalment from his eponymous whitelabel series, acting as his first release since his 2018 album Cocoon Crush. The EP sees Objekt tackling “the slow banger” with a signature flair, delivering two of his most raucous club tracks to date.

Objekt has built a reputation as one of the must-see DJs of his generation. His creative activities are unified by his quality control and his agnostic approach to genre (he cuts across traditional divides in both his productions and his DJ sets).

His work is informed by a highly technical background: alongside his practice as a producer and DJ he continues to work part-time as an engineer for music software company Native Instruments, where he develops audio and machine learning algorithms as well as instruments and FX.

Hertz’s albums Flatland (2014) and Cocoon Crush (2018), both released on PAN, delve deep into complex sonic worlds. Hertz approaches the LP format as a canvas on which to paint unique, hyper-detailed works of electronic music which are rich with imagination and surprises. In 2019, Objekt followed Cocoon Crush with a full-spectrum live A/V show in collaboration with visual artist Ezra Miller, touring a string of key festivals including Unsound, Atonal and Primavera.

Check out “Bad Apples” below and the full EP here.

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