Ten of the best DJ Assault Detroit Booty Bass tracks selected by DJ Assault

DJ Assault is the worldwide king of booty music. By incorporating electro beats with elements of hardcore and wild lyricism, the Detorit-native has conjured a unique sound that is instantly recognisable to any dance floor across the globe. With a slew of acclaimed hits such as “Ass N Titties” and “Sex On The Beach” at the forefront of his extensive catalogue, DJ Assault has spent the past few decades building his legacy, whilst always being wary of limiting factors through deals and collaborations. Staying true to himself, the American continues to dominate speakers across America and Europe — and is about to take the reigns at Patterns, Brighton (tickets) for his hotly-anticipated debut show at the club. Guaranteed to be a scintillating night packed full of timeless classics, we asked DJ Assault to provide us with his best Booty Bass productions of course, produced by the man himself.

DJ Assault – Sex On The Beach

DJ Assault – Ass n Titties

DJ Assault – I Say Uuuah

DJ Assault – Love The Pussy

DJ Assault – Sweet Potato Pie

DJ Assault – Raccoon

DJ Assault – Nympho

DJ Assault – Livin’ The (Good Life)

DJ Assault – As I

DJ Assault – Think About U

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