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On The Rise: Amaliah

London-based DJ and producer Amaliah’s overall sound is often described as ‘mixed bag energy’. Unique, powerful and essential, the young artist developed her sound from a young age having been surrounded by high-energy disco, funk and soul sets when she was younger — stemming from her love of record collecting. A few years on, Amaliah landed her first gig and became heavily involved with national stations such as Balamii Radio and Foundation FM, before performing across the country and ultimately setting up her very own events collective, Borne Fruits.

The platform was initially launched in 2019 to throw quality parties across the capital, epitomising a house party feel by showcasing a slew of home-grown talent across the events. Fast forward to the present day and Borne Fruits is now acting as a record label, home to Amaliah’s debut EP Borne Fruits 001, featuring two high-octane, club-ready tracks to get any party started. When not working on music, the London-based artist is busy playing at some of the finest clubbing establishments and festivals the UK has to offer, with credits already at the likes of Gala and Risen, set to grow later this year with another round of the esteemed Waterworks Festival at Gunnersbury park (tickets).

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into music?

Hiya! I’m Amaliah and I’m a DJ and producer from London. My first introduction into music was from my mum – she used to work in music management so I was always in and around recording studios as a child which peaked my interest. She also had a vast record collection of disco, soul and funk which led me into exploring these sounds and later being introduced to electronic music.  

To someone who’s just discovered you, how would you describe your  overall sound and direction? 

My overall sound is quite all over the place haha. I like to keep things bouncy, energetic and fun, whilst also going deep and swerving in and out of different genres. A term coined for my music/sound was ‘mixed bag nrg’, which seems to have stuck in my sets and mixes.  

As a London-based artist, what’s the capital offering right now and  where do you rank its music scene compared to other cities?

London is the blueprint. It has such a rich and diverse melting pot of cultures which has now birthed a wonderful array of music. I love that the place where I grew up is representative of so many different sounds and it makes things exciting when going to gigs or listening to mixes. 

You run your very own events collective and now label ‘Borne Fruits’.  Tell us more about this and why it first came about? 

Yes so Borne Fruits started as a party a few years ago and we ran small  ‘house party’ vibe events in East London. Things were going well and then the pandemic happened, which put things at a standstill (like everything else). Since then, Borne Fruits has now developed into a label and club series and it’s been an absolute joy to watch it grow. I first threw the parties as I wanted somewhere that my friends could go to where there would be something for everyone in terms of sound, which is now reflective in our radio shows and releases so far. I always knew I wanted to eventually turn it into a label and I felt that I was at a point in my career where it made sense to do so. Now, things are going well and I’m super excited to see where the label goes! 

You’ve played at some key events already this year including Gala,  Risen and The Cause Seaside Beano, and are set to play at  Waterworks in September. How do you prepare for your sets and  what can we expect over at Gunnersbury Park this year?! 

So I used to plan my sets quite meticulously up until earlier this year – I think it’s because it was all still quite fresh for me so there were some gigs that I still got really really nervous for and I just didn’t want anything to go wrong. Now that I’ve found my rhythm a bit more and feel a bit more confident in my sound, I just have in mind maybe the first 2-3 songs and then see where the set goes! It’s much more enjoyable feeling the crowds energy and going off of that rather than going off a set list. I try to dig as  much as I can and it’s fun seeing how new things I’ve found go down in different environments. I’m sooo excited for Waterworks and to play with Or:la again so expect a lot of twists and turns for our set!  

For the aspiring DJ’s out there, can you give us three bits of advice  you would tell your younger self when starting out? 

Practice makes perfect! Dig as much as you can and remember to never be too hard on yourself. I was such a planner before and would get really down on myself about choppy mixes or selection I wasn’t sure about, but it’s really just about connecting with people through the music you enjoy and providing a good time for everyone. Back yourself!

What are your plans for the rest of 2022? 

Summer is in full swing now so I have some exciting festivals coming up – We Out Here, Eastern Electrics and of course Waterworks. I also have some  abroad club shows in Belgium and Paris which I’m really looking forward to as this will be my first time doing them + some great UK shows in London,  Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool. I also have some cool release plans which are TBA for now!

Quickfire questions… “LAST” 

Last track you listened to? 

Posture – Back.

Last meal you ate? 


Last club night attended as a punter? 


Last set you listened to the whole way through? 

Moxie’s Bass Coast Boiler Room.

Last time you laughed and why? 

Memes on insta cos the memes be memeing.

Last song that made you cry (or nearly cry) 

Moods – Roll (Over Me). I was at the end of my Boiler Room and I nearly cried from happiness (and the lingering Glasto comedown).  

Last record shop you visited? 

Sounds of the Universe.

Last vinyl you purchased? 

Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal – BOTA (Baddest Of Them All) (Summer anthem of 2022!)

Last film you watched? 

Last episode of Stranger Things might as well have been a film.

Last item you bought? 


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