Field Maneuvers Festival launch ‘Save FM’ crowdfunder

Field Maneuvers festival launch their “Save FM” crowdfunder. Following their recent festival, in its 8th year, arguably its biggest and best yet, the festival faces financial challenges that will impact its future.

Increased overheads, a new site, the cost-of-living crisis, roll-over tickets and life changes for ticket holders since 2019 are just some of the factors affecting the festival. Despite being sold out, they experienced a 30% drop-off in attendance and a reduced income from punters onsite, Field Maneuvers are now in a position where they need to recover £40,000 to ensure FM has a future.

Field Maneuvers’ Save FM crowd-funder launches today and will run for four weeks. Crowdfund donation reward packages start from £20, with each tier offering a set reward. From limited edition merch packages from pens, jumpers and t-shirts through to the FM Bomber Jacket to Fruit Machine Tutorials, A VIP party in the FM Pub (The Pack It Inn) and a private luxury portaloo at FM2023, now is the time to support FM if you can.

Speaking on the festival, the team state: “For Field Maneuvers to survive we really do need your help. We know times are tough and if you can’t afford it, please don’t even think about donating, but if you can chip in to this Save FM Crowdfunder, you’d make some exhausted and genuinely worried people very happy indeed.”

“To reiterate, we’re festival promoters by accident. We have our own full-time jobs, responsibilities, and children, despite which, we still focus almost entirely on this event for three months of the year, and beyond a few drink tokens and meal vouchers, we rarely pay ourselves. We don’t wanna be vibe assassins but it’s a lot to shoulder, at times too much, but it still all feels worthwhile when we hear our favourite DJs play to a dancefloor full of beaming faces.”

To help FM continue, pledge to the festival’s crowdfunder here.

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