Lancey Foux unleashes highly-anticipated new album ‘LIFE IN HELL’

LIFE IN HELL is the brand new milestone album from UK rapper, creator and style icon Lancey Foux.

A dynamic exploration, LIFE IN HELL takes listeners on an intergalactic journey that varies in tempo and texture, effortlessly weaving through a slew of Lancey’s trademark trap sounds and exploring a contorted journey into the 26 year-old’s left-field universe – ranging from the fast-paced, explosive offerings of “DID IT AGAIN” and “SUN MOON” to the more nuanced and deeper sounds of opener “SPIRIT OF X2C”. 

Lancey Foux engenders an enormous level of fandom from his core following; through music, style, and fashion, fans look to him as an embodiment of a visionary, creative lifestyle – pledging their allegiance to him and amplifying his myth throughout the culture in the process.

With his eyes firmly set on legacy and artistic integrity, Lancey Foux underlines a fierce intent with LIFE IN HELL, delivering a raw, honest message on modern day life. 

Catch Lancey at his show in November at Outernet. Tickets available here.

Check out the album below.

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